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About unique events

Hi there! My name is Elizabeth, and I am a TBS Certified Wedding Planner. I save people from planning average, cookie-cutter events.


Most couples have never planned a wedding before, so they are shocked and dismayed when they discover how complicated and expensive it can be (I certainly was!).

I provide detailed checklists to my clients, guide them through each step of the process, and save them from making costly mistakes—all while making the wedding planning FUN. I love celebrating each couple's unique story from the day they we meet to the day they walk down the aisle—and even years later, as some of my clients have become dear friends.

También hablo español, y le puedo ayudar con su familia hispanohablante.

What she loves:

  • My smart and incredibly supportive husband

  • My darling cat, Winston Churchill

  • Traveling the world

  • Delicious and well-presented food (I love you, caterers!)

  • Coffee, my addiction + survival tool

  • Continuing education for all things wedding and beyond

  • Video games, even though I kinda suck at them

  • Embracing people and their unique qualities

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