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Elizabeth was the best decision I made. I was looking for a month/day of planner and came across her. Right off the bat she was enthusiastic and thorough and made an impression. She was everything that I was looking for. She handled all of my vendors and created a timeline and made sure a million small details never fell through the cracks. I know she’s fairly new to planning but you would have never known. My wedding would have been a mess without her.


If you’re looking for a detail-oriented wedding planner, look no further than Elizabeth! Most brides are known for becoming stressed out, demanding, and overwhelmed. This was not the case for me when I had Elizabeth on my team. Throughout the entire process, she was calm and sure of her decisions. She weighed options carefully to get the best selection and found little ways to save money. The wedding day was peaceful, and everything fell into place perfectly thanks to her detailed checklists. If you choose Elizabeth as your wedding planner, I guarantee that she will lift the load from your shoulders so that you can focus on enjoying your engagement before entering into marriage.



AMAZING!!! Seriously, look no further and do not pass up the chance to work with Elizabeth. She is very organized and did so much to make my wedding day go smoothly. She was literally one step ahead the entire time. She made sure we ate and took care of so many last minute things that I would not have been able to do myself. I am so thankful for all that she did at my wedding because it allowed me to be completely stress free. Don’t miss out, book your event with Elizabeth as soon as possible!

Thanks, Elizabeth. You have been a blast of fresh air in the midst of planning a wedding. You are calm and cool. Your positive outlook is so welcomed in the frazzle of ALL the details! It always is surprising how quickly a year's worth of planning can go by. BUT, YOU made it flawless. I truly am amazed at your planning and organizational skills... AND the way you stayed calm. It really helped me, even when I was worn out at the end of the evening. You're the best! Thank you for making our day and evening dreamy!



As I sit back and reflect on my wedding day, I can’t imagine the day without Elizabeth. If anything went wrong I never knew about it and what I envisioned for my wedding day came to life. From my family to my vendors everyone spoke of your professionalism and the amazing job you did. Thank you Elizabeth for allowing me to enjoy my day! You are the best!


I am writing a review based on what I consider extraordinary attention to detail I witnessed in Elizabeth's wedding planning. She planned every facet of my daughter’s wedding in a brief timespan. She was explicit and organized with her plans and was able to bring my daughter’s personal vision to life. Had I not been assured of her driven abilities to arrange such an event, I would have lost many nights of sleep. Elizabeth proved to be professional with vendors and venue staff as every detail of my daughter’s wedding was carried out with perfectionism. I was amazed by her attention to time, detail and the wishes of her clients and highly recommend her services to future brides.



Writing a review of Elizabeth is like trying to fit an entire book into one sentence. I have more wonderful things to say about her than I have space in which to say them. I will begin here though; Elizabeth is smart. She is a problem solver. There have been so many crises mitigated under her watch including catering mix-ups, non-responsive decorators, and the day-to-day issues that arose in planning. I knew that I had nothing to fear when Elizabeth sprang into action. Elizabeth is passionate. She is not a wedding planner just because she is good at it (and make no mistake, she is good at it). Elizabeth truly loves planning weddings. She brought our vision to life in a way that I could have never imagined. Elizabeth was so intuitive, and so eager to listen to our desires, that she took the wedding that we wanted and elevated it into something greater. Said another way, Elizabeth was able to offer us what we wanted before we knew we ever wanted it. I have no adequate words for that level of talent. Finally, Elizabeth is tireless. It would be difficult to ascertain that Elizabeth has multiple clients because the attention and determination that she gave to our requests and desires seemed undivided. Again, there are not enough good things that I can say about her. I will offer one final thought which is this: among all her other incredible talents, Elizabeth is a completely joyful and pleasant person. We looked forward to planning our wedding, rather than stressed about it, because of her talents and kindness. For that reason, I would unhesitatingly recommend anyone to speak with her for their wedding/event planning needs.